Frozen: Trailer time!

So, if you are one of the many who follow (stalk?) my relatively new blog, then first and formost I would like to apologise for inisutating that you are stalkers. *gulp* I’m sure you’re all very nice people. And I am very greatful that you have taken up time in your very busy lives to share some Disney thoughts with me.

Second of all, I would like to explain that this post serves as a follow-up to the one I did regarding the teaser trailer and what clues it may have about the finished product.

Well, I’ve now seen the official trailer, and am happy to report that it is looking good. Still no mention of songs… but I guess a Disney film with musical numbers would just tamper with the Disney brand so much people would turn away in droves.

[insert forced laugh at my sacastic statement]

Actually, random point, ever noticed its near impossible to work out if someone’s being sarcastic or not over the internet without the use of those little emoticons? Forgetting to add the “:P” in at the end of a funny comment can potentially end friendships. Scary.

So what were we talking about? Oh yes. The Frozen trailer. It’s good. It’s really good.

I won’t get intot he specifics, but needless to say, it had hysterical bits (my favourites being the “cold, cold, cold, cold, cold” bit by Anna as she runs into a hut), really amazing animatoin, great 3D characters with humerous diologue and solid characterisations, a really interesting villain (evidenced in the anti-hero power ballad Let It Go)

Oh, and yes, it may share some similarities to Disney’s Tangled – many are commenting on the animation style, and character design for Rapunzel and Anna – but I think we’re definitely in for a treat regardless. As long as the film has characters I care about and a story that does them justice, who cares what they look like while they’re journeying through it.
I am really pumped for this film now. 😀

Peace out.

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