We Know Better

We Know Better is a deleted song from the 2013 Disney animated film Frozen. An incredible film in my humble opinion which creates incredible characters, has a weaving intricate plot, has wonderful songs (and carries musical motifs brilliantly), and also takes great strides to combat certain Disney-isms that have been pervaded for the past 70 or so years since 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

In particular, a certain notion of “true love”.

Something that I think is tackled so perfectly.

But this song takes the notion of combating disneyficaiton a step further. Essentially the song – brought to you by the Lopez couple who wrote Avenue Q, and also Book of Mormon with Matt and Trey of South Park – is sung by the two young princesses as they explain all the things that people expect princesses to do, and then how they are just naughty fun kids like everyone else.

Should princesses be prim and proper, and not speak their mind, and only wear pink dresses etc.?

No. Of course not.

And in a world where Disney has created a world wear it is desirable to be a princess, and yet it is filled with such negative character traits, I think it is fantastic that steps were at least taken to subvert the notion of the damsel in distress I-have-everything-I-want-but-no-responsiblity view.

Please have a listen. It adds nothing to the plot which is most likely why it was cut. (Though to be fair it would have also made the opening way too song-heavy). But is a beautiful song that I think should be heard by all young people out there..especially women..to remind them that princesses can be powerful and strong-minded and more than just a plot device for the main hero.

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