I have chosen this image to represent the Disneyfic[a]tion blog. This illustration of Mickey Mouse giving the finger is in my opinion the epitomisation of the hypocrisy that lies within the Disney empire. On the surface it seems to be the “happiest place on earth” with lovable characters and family friendly entertainment. But if you look much deeper, you will find out that Disney is an empire. A business. A corporation. And with that it carries the same burdens as any other.  When you think about Disney’s magic, you never think about this side. The side that has Disney artists swearing through their teeth as they try to animate an iconic scene (believe me, I’d show you a clip if I could find one). The side that has head management laughing atop their huge pile of money while commissioning another Disney sequel (or 3D rerelease) aimed to enchant and delight. Or the actors scratching their itchy bottoms and trying to maintain their balance in the hot and uncomfortable costumes of our favourite characters as they prance through Disney theme parks selling merchandise to unsuspecting children. This image represents both Disneys: the one they want to position in our minds, and the one that really exists. This image is Disneyfication.

I have cited the original creator of the work, Czech artist Petr Dub, and hyperlinked the image to his website, in an effort to drive traffic there. The same thing on the Facebook page.

The Disneyfic[a]tion mascot

The Disneyfic[a]tion mascot


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