Consolidating your Presence

I made many changes to my blog, in order to improve its accessibility, its interactivity, and its aesthetic qualities. I greatly increased the sidebar by adding things like a link to my Facebook page for Disneyfic[a]tion – which integrates the two social platforms together, and also various sites that I follow or find useful when writing this blog – so readers can go our and explore for further research. I went back and categorised all my previous blog posts, and also gave each multiple tags in order to make them more easily searchable. I also fixed up spelling mistakes and added both new hyperlinks and pictures to my posts to make them more interactive and interesting. The image I chose for the background was due to it being the perfect blend of money and art – the same blend that Disney struggles with every day of its existence. The image was taken from the blog Pennylicious, and is used under Fair Dealing – Review and Criticism. I made some comments on blogs in order to give my own personal perspective, as well as promote my blog and generate distributed conversation. In one case I commented as Jarod Rhine-Davis, not Disneyfic[a]tion, so that is something to watch out for.


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