Remediating for 140 characters

The most useful hashtags I found were mainly variants of the word Disney – such as Disneyland, integral people in Disney’s history such as Lasseter and Eisner, and the Disney animated films such as the soon-to-be-released Frozen.

Unfortunately, my posts did not get retweeted or replied to during the week, which was a shame because I felt they were sufficiently interactive in order to inspire audience participation (Social Media Today, 2013). This may change in the coming weeks however as the Disneyfic[a]tion brand grown stronger. In general ideas and news spread really quickly over Twitter so I am looking forward to how my tweets evolve.

I found Twitter to be a very useful social platform in order to share interesting tidbits in a way that gets straight to the point and has major impact, as opposed to news sources which often mislead you with a twitter-esque headline, only to provide a much less exciting story in the body text. I found scrolling through the tweets of the users I followed was a clever and effective way to easily find useful and interesting content.

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