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One hell of a “Twisted” musical

Starkid strikes again! This musical – which does to Jafar as Wicked did to the Wicked Witch of the West – is a fantastic satire of Aladdin, the common tropes of Disney films in general, and the behind-the-scenes shenanigans from … Continue reading

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Frozen teaser trailer – clever marketing or falling into bad habits?

Every since Pixar was bought by Disney in 2006, with Pixar’s John Lasserter heading both companies, Disney has been on a creative upswing (while Pixar has arguably started to come across a few stumbling blocks). Part of this reinvigoration included … Continue reading

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Merida the Disney Princess

A representation of the Pixar character Merida before and after she was overly-sexualised for her placement within the Disney princess franchise. Merida is not a sexy, beautiful object, as she is portrayed here. Despite the film’s flaws, Brave portrays quite … Continue reading

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Pixar & Video games

So with Disney Infinity being released this week over in Europe and North America (we’ll have to wait a bit longer I’m afraid..), I figured I might as well talk about Pixar’s relationship with video games and how it has … Continue reading

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Where Do We Go From Here?

So I’ve gone over my basic premise behind this blog, and my justification for doing so. But before I get stuck in, I wanted to talk a little bit more about what I intend to write about and how I … Continue reading

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What Makes Disney So Great?

“Disneyfication [is a term used] broadly to describe the processes of stripping a real place or event of its original character and repackaging it in a sanitized format. References to anything negative are removed, and the facts are watered down with … Continue reading

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